Wedding Videos: Worth the Cost or Waste of Money?

Your wedding day goes by in a blur. Between greeting guests, taking photos, and trying to soak in every moment, it’s hard to remember all the special details. That’s why many couples opt to hire a videographer to capture their big day. But are wedding videos really worth the investment? In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of wedding videos to help you decide.

Capturing Special Moments

One of the biggest benefits of a wedding video is being able to relive special moments from your big day. A talented videographer will capture all those heartwarming, emotional moments you may have missed. Things like your “first look” with your spouse, your parents’ reactions when they see you in your dress or suit, and your excited entrance into the reception. With video, you can go back and soak in these moments again and again.

Seeing Guest Reactions

Your wedding day isn’t just about the two of you – it’s also about sharing the joy with your loved ones. A wedding video allows you to see your guests’ reactions during the ceremony and reception. From laughter during speeches to tears during your first dance, those reactions add to the story of your wedding. Without video, you simply miss out on seeing your loved ones’ joy.

Remembering Wedding Details

After months or even years of stressful wedding planning, it’s normal not to remember every single detail of your big day. The flowers, the food, the decor – it can all blur together. A wedding video captures all those details for you to enjoy for years to come. As you rewatch it on anniversaries, you’ll be reminded of that beautiful cake or funky photo booth you rented for guests.

Potential Downsides to Consider

Of course, wedding videos also come with some potential downsides. For one, they’re an additional expense – typically $2,000-$4,000 on top of your overall wedding budget. You’ll also need to carve out time in your wedding day schedule for the videographer to capture getting ready, ceremony, and reception footage. And if you’re camera shy, having a videographer follow you around all day may be uncomfortable.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

At the end of the day, whether wedding videos are worth the investment comes down to your budget and preferences. If cost is a concern, you may opt to just have a shorter highlight video of your ceremony and reception. Or you could have a trusted friend or family member capture informal footage throughout the day.

For most couples, the pros outweigh the cons. Wedding videos become priceless heirlooms, allowing you to vividly relive your wedding and share it with kids and grandkids to come. The memories captured in the video are worth far more than any price tag.

Capturing your wedding day through video is one of the best ways to cherish memories for a lifetime. Though an additional expense, wedding videos allow you to see moments you missed, relive special details, and share reactions with loved ones. For most couples, the opportunity to vividly relive their ceremony and reception makes wedding videos well worth the investment.


Joshua Lona