The Hottest Wedding Videography Trends for 2024

Wedding videos are one of the most precious keepsakes from your big day. As we move into 2023, there are some exciting new trends emerging in wedding videography that will help capture your special moments in a unique and meaningful way. From cinematic styles to interactive videos, read on for the top wedding videography trends for 2023.

Cinematic Styles

One of the biggest trends for 2023 is a move towards a more cinematic, movie-like editing style for wedding videos. This involves things like:

– Using camera stabilizers and sliders for smooth, sweeping camera movements

– Shooting in 24 or 30 fps for a film look

– Using shallow depth of field for soft, blurred backgrounds

– Stylized color grading for a rich, dramatic look

– Slow motion clips of key moments

– Overlaying music to evoke emotion

The goal of the cinematic style is to turn your wedding video into more of a “”short film”” than a traditional wedding video, bringing extra artistry and emotion to the footage.

Interactive Videos

Interactive wedding videos are also gaining popularity, where viewers can click on different parts of the video to see additional footage. For example, the main wedding video may just show highlights, but viewers could click to see the full ceremony or speeches.

Interactive videos allow you to include more content without making the main video too long. They also provide a more engaging, personalized viewing experience for those who want to delve into the details.

Aerial Videography

Drones and aerial videography continue to be a huge trend. The aerial perspective allows for absolutely breathtaking footage of venues, landscapes, and unique angles.

From vast shots revealing the venue site, to intimate views of the couple holding hands as they walk, aerials add new dimensions. They showcase the layout in a way that ground footage simply cannot capture.

Aerial shots also pair beautifully with cinematic editing for dramatic, sweeping videos. Just be sure your videographer has experience with drones and proper permits.

As technology improves and creativity expands, wedding videos become so much more than recordings of the day. They transform into cinematic masterpieces and interactive experiences that couples and families can treasure for years to come.

By embracing new styles like cinematic editing, aerial views, and interactive elements, your wedding video can be a showpiece you are thrilled to rewatch and share. Work with a skilled videographer to bring your vision to life. The possibilities for wedding videos in 2023 are truly incredible.”


Joshua Lona