The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria: Jenna and Marisol’s LGBTQ+ Wedding

Step into the vibrant world of Jenna and Marisol’s love story as we share the enchanting details of their lesbian wedding at Laguna Gloria, Austin. Our expert wedding videography team was on hand to capture the essence of their love and the artistic beauty of this historic landmark venue. Get ready to be inspired by their love and the artistry that unfolded on their special day.

In this blog, you’ll explore the unique charm of Laguna Gloria, located just five miles from downtown Austin, with its stunning Lake Austin backdrop, contemporary sculptures, and deep ties to Texas culture, making it the perfect setting for an LGBTQ+ wedding.

A Love Story Blossoms at The Contemporary Austin – Laguna Gloria:

Jenna and Marisol’s love story found its perfect canvas at Laguna Gloria. This historic landmark site, renowned for its contemporary outdoor sculptures and natural beauty, provided the ideal backdrop for their love to shine. Their lesbian wedding celebration was a testament to love’s resilience and the freedom to be true to oneself.

Expert Wedding Videography: Capturing Jenna and Marisol’s Artistic Celebration:

Our expert wedding videography team was dedicated to capturing every artistic and heartfelt moment of Jenna and Marisol’s special day. From the emotional exchange of vows against the serene Lake Austin to the lively reception filled with laughter and dancing, we ensured that their love story was documented with cinematic excellence.

Laguna Gloria: A Historic and Artistic Wedding Venue:

Laguna Gloria’s rich history, contemporary art, and LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere made it the perfect venue choice for Jenna and Marisol. It’s no surprise that it was named the Best Wedding Venue in Austin by The Knot in 2015. The venue’s versatility allowed for a breathtaking ceremony and reception, celebrating love in all its forms.

Jenna and Marisol’s lesbian wedding at Laguna Gloria, Austin, was a beautiful fusion of love and artistry. As your trusted wedding videographer, we’re committed to capturing your unique love story, just like Jenna and Marisol’s. Whether your love story is traditional or LGBTQ+, contact us to ensure your special day is captured with the same artistic flair and heartfelt care.



Joshua Lona