Simplistic Elegance: Grace & Arya’s Austin Wedding Videography at Prospect House

In the picturesque landscapes of Texas, Prospect House stands distinctively with its modern, minimalist design, providing an aesthetic that is both elegant and unique. This venue was where Grace and Arya decided to pledge their love, making it a day that demanded an equally exceptional record. Cue Lona Weddings, an Austin wedding videography titan, turning moments into cinematic treasures.

Where Contemporary Meets Cinematic:

Prospect House isn’t just a venue; it’s a testament to modern design and innovative architecture. The geometric lines, expansive spaces, and the iconic ceremony lawn provide a clean canvas, waiting for the hues of love stories to paint it. When such modernity and charm are present, only a videographer with a discerning eye can truly capture its essence. That’s where Lona Weddings stepped in, utilizing their expert Austin wedding videography skills to enhance the inherent beauty of the venue and the day.

Musical Heartbeats and Lively Moments:

One defining aspect of Grace and Arya’s celebration was the presence of live music. Their shared passion for performance added an electric energy to the day. From intimate melodies during the ceremony to lively beats at the reception, music was the heartbeat of their celebration. The vibrancy, energy, and soul of these live band moments became pivotal scenes in their standout Austin wedding video.

Chronicle Mastery with Lona Weddings:

In the world of wedding videography, some moments are captured, while others are created. Lona Weddings is known for doing both. Grace and Arya’s intimate moments, their shared performances, and even the collective joy of their guests were not just filmed but were transformed into a timeless narrative, cementing Lona’s stature among the best wedding videographers in Austin.

In the minimalistic embrace of Prospect House, Grace and Arya’s love found its song, its dance, and its forever. Lona Weddings, as the trusted Austin wedding videographer, ensured their love story would forever resonate. If you envision a similar cinematic canvas for your day, let’s turn your dreams into reality together.


Venue: Prospect House
Lona Weddings


Joshua Lona