Serenade in Serenity: Hannah & Max’s Austin Wedding Videography at The Addison Grove

Texas, with its unique blend of rugged landscapes and pristine beauty, has played host to numerous love stories over the years. Amongst its gems is The Addison Grove, a venue that boasts serene vistas, tranquility, and rustic charm. Hannah and Max, bound by love and united in dreams, chose this captivating venue to declare their love for each other. As they basked in their moments of joy, Lona Weddings, a name synonymous with excellence in Austin wedding videography, was present, weaving their moments into a lasting memory.

The Rustic Grandeur of Texas:

There’s something inherently magical about the Texas Hill Country, and The Addison Grove captures this magic in its entirety. As a haven surrounded by nature’s beauty, this venue offers couples an intimate and picturesque setting for their special day. The gentle chirping of birds, the whispers of leaves, and the soft glow of the setting sun at The Addison Grove added to the ambiance of Hannah and Max’s wedding. Lona Weddings, with their unparalleled skill in Austin wedding videography, brought out the best of this setting, turning every scenic view into a cinematic frame.

The Essence of the Day:

Weddings are a culmination of dreams, emotions, and shared moments. For Hannah and Max, their day was a canvas of love, painted with strokes of laughter, joy, and tender moments. Their outdoor celebration, accentuated with beautiful shades of red, was a heartfelt ceremony that resonated with everyone present. This joyful festivity, with every toast and dance, became an integral part of their Austin wedding video.

Artistry in Every Frame:

The ability to capture emotions, both overt and subtle, is the mark of an excellent wedding videographer. Lona Weddings excels in this, ensuring that memories from Hannah and Max’s wedding are preserved with utmost care and creativity. Their commitment to craft and attention to detail solidifies their reputation among Austin’s elite wedding videographers.

In the lap of nature at The Addison Grove, Hannah and Max’s wedding was a celebration like no other. With the expertise of Lona Weddings, their tale of love was documented in its purest form. If you’re looking to encapsulate your story with similar vibrance and emotion, Lona Weddings is just a conversation away. Together, let’s create a narrative that transcends time.


Coordinator: Stephanie Middleton
Ceremony Venue: The Addison Grove
Videographer: Lona Weddings
Bridal Attire: Pronovias
Bridesmaid Attire: Pretty Lavish
Rings: Browns of South Africa
HMUA: Hannah Zahner
Florist: The Bloom Bar
Caterer: The Royal Fig
Decor/Rentals: Moontower, Brighter Light Events
DJ/Band/Music: Lina Sax, Michael G Moore


Joshua Lona