Picturesque Nuptials: Shelby & Michael’s Wedding Videography at Boot Ranch

Amidst the undulating landscapes of Texas, Boot Ranch stood as a symbol of nature’s pristine beauty and serenity. In such an enchanting setting, Shelby and Michael chose to seal their love. With every vow exchanged, every giggle shared, and every dance step taken, the air resonated with love and joy. Chronicling these magical moments, Lona Weddings, known for its unparalleled Austin wedding videography, weaved a cinematic tale that perfectly captured the essence of their love.

Unparalleled Settings & Masterful Cinematography:

In the heart of Texas’s Hill Country, Boot Ranch stretches across vast expanses of green, offering breathtaking views at every turn. The venue’s tranquil ambiance, punctuated by the melodious chirping of birds and gentle rustling of leaves, provided an idyllic backdrop for Shelby and Michael’s special day. Complementing this natural canvas was Lona Weddings’ exceptional Austin wedding videography. Their expertise in framing, lighting, and capturing emotions turned every frame into a work of art, ensuring that Shelby and Michael’s wedding was portrayed in its full grandeur.

Love, Laughter & Lifelong Promises:

Weddings are a beautiful amalgamation of heartfelt promises and jubilant celebrations. Shelby and Michael’s union was no exception. As they pledged their love beneath the shade of towering oaks, time seemed to stand still. These intimate moments, coupled with their shared laughter and joy during the festivities, made their Austin wedding video a mesmerizing blend of emotions and celebrations.

Excellence in Every Frame:

Lona Weddings stands out in the realm of Austin wedding videography for its unwavering commitment to excellence. Every fleeting glance between Shelby and Michael, every tear shed in joy, and every twirl on the dance floor was immortalized with unmatched precision, reinforcing Lona’s reputation as one of Austin’s premier wedding videographers.

In the serene embrace of Boot Ranch, Shelby and Michael began their journey of a lifetime. Entrusting their narrative to Lona Weddings, their wedding became more than an event—it became an everlasting story of love. If you envision your special day being captured with the same blend of artistry and emotion, Lona Weddings is eager to be a part of your love story. Let’s weave your dream together.


Coordinator: Kristin Mullen
Ceremony Venue:
Boot Ranch Golf Club
Videographer: Lona Weddings
Photographer: Perez Photography
Bridal Attire: Sareh Nouri from Stanley Korshak Bridal
Groom Attire: Suit Supply
HMUA: Adore Makeup
Florist: Viridian Design Studio
Decor/Rentals: Whim Hospitality
Dj/Band/Music: Manhattan Band
Baker/Desserts: Sophie’s Bakery
Invitation Designer/Paper Goods: Pink Champagne


Joshua Lona