Minimalistic Elegance: Whitney & Blake’s Dreamy Day at Prospect House

In the heart of the vast and undulating landscapes of the Texas Hill Country, the impressive Prospect House stands tall, marking its presence as a beacon of modern architecture and innovative design. This was the chosen venue where Whitney and Blake decided to celebrate their love and commitment. Their wedding, characterized by sleek minimalist aesthetics interspersed with vibrant bursts of color, was not only a treat for the eyes but also a moving experience for the heart, all of which was beautifully captured by the talented Lona Weddings’ team.

The Alluring Charm of Prospect House:

Prospect House isn’t just a building; it’s a dream realized in brick and mortar. With its expansive spaces, seamless integration with nature, and panoramic vistas, it serves as both an architect’s masterpiece and a haven for couples looking for a unique wedding experience. The building’s design, combined with nature’s beauty, provided a breathtaking backdrop, transforming every wedding moment into something straight out of a fairytale.

Their Love Tale Narrated:

The love story of Whitney and Blake is a perfect blend of contemporary romance and timeless traditions. Their wedding, adorned with minimalist designs and bright color palettes, mirrored their individual personalities, their shared journey, and the dreams they’ve woven together.

A Celebration of Memorable Moments:

Every moment of their wedding was filled with deep emotions – from the heartfelt personalized vows that spoke of hopes for the future to the ecstatic celebrations of their union. It was a day replete with tales, some recounted from the past and others being woven in real-time.

At the iconic Prospect House, Whitney and Blake did more than just have a wedding. They celebrated the essence of love in its truest, purest form. And thanks to Lona Weddings, these moments, brimming with feelings and memories, will be relished and narrated to many future generations


Venue: Prospect House
Lona Weddings


Joshua Lona