Lakeside Love: Kate & Billy’s Austin Wedding Videography at The Texas Retreat

The vast expanses of Texas, with its untouched natural beauty, held a hidden gem – The Texas Retreat. With the rolling hills and tranquil waters of Lake Ted as its companions, this venue stood waiting for Kate and Billy’s unique love story to unfold. With Lona Weddings, known for its reputation as one of Austin’s premier wedding videographers, every tender look and jubilant cheer was poised to be perfectly captured.

Where Natural Splendor Meets Cinematic Mastery

The Texas Retreat isn’t just another venue; it’s where nature’s masterpiece collaborates with man’s vision. The gentle ripples of Lake Ted, the vast stretch of verdant landscapes, and the tranquil ambiance set the scene for Kate and Billy’s big day. And when you have such a spectacular canvas, you need an artist of equal stature. Enter Lona Weddings. Their unparalleled Austin wedding videography expertise breathed life into the surroundings, transforming each frame into a work of art.

A Union Amidst Nature’s Serenity

Kate and Billy’s wedding was an amalgamation of deep emotions and lighthearted fun. Their promises, made with the serene lakeside as a witness, tugged at heartstrings. Yet, the day also echoed with laughter and jovial toasts, creating a balance that was both heartwarming and delightful. All these nuances were woven into their mesmerizing Austin wedding video, ensuring a story that could be revisited time and again.

Craftsmanship Epitomized by Lona Weddings

Lona Weddings is not just about filming events; it’s about narrating stories. Every smile, every tear, and every dance move of Kate and Billy’s lakeside nuptials was meticulously captured, establishing Lona’s place in the echelons of the best wedding videographers.

In the embrace of The Texas Retreat, Kate and Billy embarked on their forever journey. Thanks to Lona Weddings, this journey wasn’t just celebrated for a day; it was immortalized for eternity. For those dreaming of encapsulating their love stories with the same depth and artistry, Lona Weddings is ready to craft your epic. Let’s create magic together.


Coordinator: Jennifer Baldwin with The Texas Retreat
Ceremony Venue: St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
Reception Venue: The Retreat at Balcones Springs
Videographer: Lona Weddings
Photographer: Caroline Lima
Bridal Attire: Halfpenny London
Groom Attire: SuitSupply
Rings: Richard T. Hirsh Jewelers
HMUA: Tanya Carpenter
Decor/Rentals: The Vintage Laundry Events
DJ/Band/Music: Okyne Media Lab
Baker/Desserts: Feathers and Frosting
Officiant: Fr. Michael Driscoll


Joshua Lona