Hotel Ella, Austin: A Tale of Two Hearts in a Historic Setting

In the bustling heart of Austin, Hotel Ella stands as a testament to the grandeur of days gone by and the potential of the days to come. More than just a beacon of architectural splendor, the hotel transforms into a realm where dreams are woven into reality. It was within this iconic setting that Ella and Logan chose to write a beautiful chapter of their love story. And as they embarked on this journey, Lona Weddings was right there, ensuring every emotion, every shared look, and every tender moment was immortalized with unmatched finesse.

Diving into Hotel Ella’s Elegance:

Hotel Ella isn’t just a hotel—it’s a piece of history that has evolved with time without losing its essence. Its stately columns, reminiscent of classic southern estates, provide a hint of the luxury that awaits within. The tranquil outdoor courtyard, cradling nature’s beauty, serves as a serene backdrop for intimate moments. Inside, every nook and cranny—from the meticulously manicured gardens to the opulent ballroom adorned with crystal chandeliers—tells tales of romance, grand celebrations, and timeless love. For Ella and Logan, this venue embodied everything they wanted their wedding day to represent.

A Celebration for the Ages:

The wedding film crafted by Lona Weddings for Ella and Logan at Hotel Ella is nothing short of cinematic magic. It captures not just the grandeur of the venue, but the raw, unscripted emotions of a couple deeply in love. From their playful glances to their joyous laughter and the poignant moments that brought tears to their eyes, their story resonates with anyone who has ever felt the power of love.

In the end, Hotel Ella wasn’t just a venue—it became an integral part of Ella and Logan’s love story. A story that, thanks to Lona Weddings, will inspire and warm the hearts of many for generations to come.


Venue: Hotel Ella
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