Historical Romance: Kelsey & Joel’s Austin Wedding Videography at Mattie’s Green Pastures

Mattie’s Green Pastures, a venue seeped in historical allure and grace, provides a unique blend of the old world’s charm and the enchantment of nature. Amidst its timeless beauty, Kelsey and Joel chose to embark on their lifelong journey together. As the day unfolded, Lona Weddings, recognized as a pinnacle of excellence in Austin wedding videography, was present, meticulously crafting each frame to capture the essence of the couple’s love.

A Tapestry of Time and Beauty:

Mattie’s Green Pastures has been a symbol of history, offering a unique setting where stories of love and commitment have been told for generations. As Kelsey and Joel entered this historic realm, their love story intertwined with the tales of the past, creating a narrative that was both fresh and timeless. With Lona Weddings’ unparalleled Austin wedding videography, every corner of Mattie’s, every whisper of the wind, and every shimmer of the setting sun was beautifully captured, making Kelsey and Joel’s day a memorable chapter in the venue’s storied legacy.

A Day Filled with Joy and Nature:

Nothing complements love better than the beauty of nature. Kelsey and Joel’s wedding, set amidst lush green meadows and under the protective shade of centuries-old oaks, was a picturesque affair. Their joyful celebrations, from the heartfelt vows exchanged under the vast Texas sky to the vibrant dances on the lawns, were the heartbeat of their evocative Austin wedding video.

Masterful Storytelling:

In the realm of wedding videography, Lona Weddings stands out for its artistic vision and impeccable execution. Every shared look, every joyous cheer, and every tender touch between Kelsey and Joel was captured with precision and passion. Their commitment to capturing genuine moments and emotions fortifies their esteemed position among Austin’s elite wedding videographers.

In the ageless embrace of Mattie’s Green Pastures, Kelsey and Joel’s wedding was more than just a day – it was the commencement of their forever. Entrusting their story to Lona Weddings ensured that their moments became ever-lasting memories. If you’re looking to weave your story with the same blend of history and emotion, Lona Weddings awaits your call. Let’s journey together into the world of timeless romance.


Coordinator: Engaged Life
Ceremony Venue: Mattie’s at Green Pastures
Videographer: Lona Weddings
Photographer: The Teagues
Hairstylist: Cassidy Elise
Make-up Artist: Cassidy Elise
Florist: Stems
DJ/Band/Music: Dart Collective and Royal Dukes


Joshua Lona