Historic Beauty & Modern Romance: Kelsey & Joel’s Wedding Videography at Mattie’s Green Pastures

Mattie’s Green Pastures, a venue steeped in the annals of time and radiating an old-world charm, was chosen as the romantic backdrop for Kelsey and Joel’s monumental day. Set amidst heritage trees and timeless structures, this venue, which has witnessed countless stories, was all set to add another chapter – the love story of Kelsey and Joel. This significant chapter was carefully and artistically etched by Lona Weddings, a paragon in Austin wedding videography.

Where Historic Charm Meets Cinematic Brilliance

Mattie’s Green Pastures is not just a venue; it’s a testament to eras gone by. Every nook and cranny whispers tales of yesteryears. The grand old oak trees and the iconic white peacocks add to its ageless appeal. Lona Weddings, with their unmatched Austin wedding videography skills, were able to weave Kelsey and Joel’s contemporary love story into this historic tapestry, creating a cinematic juxtaposition that’s both unique and captivating.

A Blend of Elegance and Jubilant Revelry

Kelsey and Joel’s wedding wasn’t just an event; it was a theatrical display of elegance interspersed with high-spirited celebrations. Their vows, spoken with depth and sincerity, were beautifully offset by the vibrant dancing and merry-making that followed. The creation of this memorable Austin wedding video was not just about capturing events but about encapsulating the very essence of their bond.

Masterful Framing by Lona Weddings

Lona Weddings’ artistry shone bright as they meticulously captured every nuance of Kelsey and Joel’s special day. From the regal walk down the aisle to the spontaneous laughter of guests, every frame was curated with a discerning eye, showcasing why Lona Weddings stands tall among Austin’s best wedding videographers.

In the endearing embrace of Mattie’s Green Pastures, Kelsey and Joel’s day unfolded as a beautiful blend of past and present. Thanks to Lona Weddings, their love story wasn’t just documented; it was transformed into an eternal cinematic legacy. For couples envisioning their own tales being narrated with equal flair and passion, Lona Weddings awaits your call. Let’s craft your timeless narrative together.


Coordinator: Engaged Life
Ceremony Venue: Mattie’s at Green Pastures
Videographer: Lona Weddings
Photographer: The Teagues
Hairstylist: Cassidy Elise
Make-up Artist: Cassidy Elise
Florist: Stems
Dj/Band/Music: Dart Collective and Royal Dukes


Joshua Lona