Heartfelt Moments: Elise & Andre’s Austin Wedding Videography at Canyonwood Ridge

Canyonwood Ridge, gracefully perched in Dripping Springs – often touted as the “Wedding Capital of Texas” – boasts unparalleled scenic beauty, and it was in this captivating setting that Elise and Andre chose to exchange their vows. Amidst the canopies of tall trees, overlooking the sprawling vistas of Texas Hill Country, the two declared their love for one another. Entrusted with the task of capturing this enchanting narrative, Lona Weddings, a premier Austin wedding videographer, wove their love story into a visual masterpiece.

Where Nature’s Grandeur and Videography Artistry Converge

Canyonwood Ridge is not just a venue; it’s a symphony of nature’s finest elements. Its majestic views, from sun-dappled meadows to expansive horizons, presented an opportunity to paint a love story on an unparalleled canvas. With meticulous attention to detail, Lona Weddings tapped into their deep reservoir of Austin wedding videography skills, intertwining the venue’s natural charm with Elise and Andre’s romance.

Deep Emotions and Moments to Treasure

A wedding is not just about the grand gestures; it’s often the quiet moments that linger in memory. One such profound moment was Elise’s tender interaction with her mother, a scene brimming with raw emotion and love. Such poignant moments are a testament to the depth and expertise of Lona Weddings, a name synonymous with the best wedding videographers in Austin.

Masterful Narration by Lona Weddings

With a discerning eye and unparalleled cinematic flair, Lona Weddings delved deep into the essence of Elise and Andre’s wedding day. Every subtle glance, heartfelt speech, and spontaneous moment of joy was captured with perfection, showcasing the pinnacle of Austin wedding videography.

In the heart of Texas, Elise and Andre’s wedding day unfolded as a confluence of deep emotions and breathtaking views. Lona Weddings, celebrated as a top Austin wedding videographer, ensured that their tale was sculpted into a timeless narrative, inviting viewers to relive their magic time and again. If you envision your love story being narrated with similar passion and expertise, Lona Weddings is eager to accompany you on that journey. Let’s embark on your cinematic adventure together.


Coordinator: Heather Alloway
Ceremony Venue: Canyonwood Ridge
Videographer: Lona Weddings
Bridal Attire: Impression Bridal
Groom Attire: Stitch & Tie
Bridesmaid Attire: Jenny Yoo
Groomsmen Attire: Stitch & Tie
Rings: Helzberg Diamonds
HMUA: Sarah from Mission Stylehouse
Florist: Perrys Petals
Caterer: PEJ
Bartender: Royal Fig Catering
Dj/Band/Music: Brandon from Premier Entertainment
Baker/Desserts: Kristy’s Kraft Shop
Officiant: Texas Wedding Ministers
Invitation Designer/Paper Goods: Basic Invite


Joshua Lona