The Best Month to Say “I Do” in Austin

Austin is a beautiful city with a great climate all year round. But when it comes to picking the perfect month for your wedding, some times of year are better than others. In this post, I’ll go over the pros and cons of getting married in Austin during different seasons to help you choose the ideal time for your big day.

Spring Weddings in Austin

Spring is one of the most popular times for weddings in Austin. The weather is mild, with average highs in the 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit. Flowers are in full bloom, making outdoor weddings absolutely gorgeous during this season.

The biggest downside to a spring wedding is that it’s also peak tourist and festival season. Hotels and venues book up quickly and prices are higher. Late March through May is especially busy with SXSW, Austin Food & Wine Festival, and other big events. Avoid these peak times if you want more venue availability and lower costs.

Summer Weddings in Austin

Summer in Austin brings scorching temperatures, with highs from June through August averaging in the mid 90s. However, holding your wedding in the evening can make the heat more bearable.

Summer is typically less busy for weddings than spring or fall. Venues are easier to book and often offer discounts. Just be mindful of the extreme heat when planning outdoor photos or ceremonies. Providing fans, water, and shade will keep guests comfortable.

Fall Weddings in Austin

Fall offers cooler weather than summer with average high temps in the 80s. The foliage starts to change in November, giving that beautiful autumn look for photos.

Fall is the second most popular wedding season after spring. But it’s easier to book venues and vendors compared to spring. The temperatures are also more comfortable for outdoor events. Just watch for potential rain or storms during this transitional season.

The Verdict

While you can have a beautiful wedding in Austin any time of year, spring and fall offer the best overall conditions. Spring has perfect weather but more crowds and higher prices. Fall also has moderate temps with the bonus of lower costs and easier planning. For the best value and most pleasant weather, aim to get married in Austin in the fall months of September through November.

No matter when you decide to have your Austin wedding, working with experienced local vendors is key. They can recommend the best event spaces and d├ęcor to match your wedding style and the season. With proper planning, your wedding in Austin can be stunning any time of year. The most important thing is choosing the month that fits your vision, budget and needs.


Joshua Lona