Enchanting Outdoors: Cody & Alyssa’s Romantic Wedding at The Retreat at Balcones Springs

In the heart of the Texas Hill Country lies The Retreat at Balcones Springs, celebrated for its breathtaking views and calming aura. It was amidst this natural wonder that Cody & Alyssa chose to seal their love. Nestled between rolling hills and serene water bodies, this venue sprinkled a dash of enchantment to their outdoor celebration. Ensuring that these moments stand the test of time, Lona Weddings was there, capturing each smile, each tear, with unmatched precision.

The Venue’s Irresistible Allure:

There’s something incredibly special about The Retreat at Balcones Springs. Far from being just another wedding venue, it’s a destination where dreams merge with reality. The verdant greenery, the peaceful reflections on the lake, and the quaint rustic elements come together to craft a setting that’s straight out of a storybook. Such an environment infused Cody & Alyssa’s big day with an indescribable warmth and charm.

Unfurling a Love Story:

The wedding of Cody and Alyssa was akin to a beautifully written poem. As they stood, hand in hand, pledging their lives to each other under the vast expanse of the Texas sky, there was magic in the air. The sheer depth of their connection, mirrored in their shared glances and tender moments, painted a vivid picture of a love that’s as timeless as it is deep.

A Symphony of Treasured Moments: From the profound promises they made to each other, to the heartwarming speeches delivered by close family and friends, to the joyous dances that resonated with their collective happiness, the day was a celebration of their unique journey. Amidst the splendor of nature, they not only commemorated their love but also crafted memories that would be cherished for lifetimes.

In the embrace of The Retreat at Balcones Springs, Cody & Alyssa’s wedding stands as a testament to the idea that love, when celebrated amidst the bounty of nature, takes on a depth that’s unparalleled. For those yearning for a similarly romantic tale, Lona Weddings promises to make every second resonate with eternal beauty.


Coordinator: Pearl Events – Tessa Wilson
Ceremony Venue: Retreat at Balcones Springs
Videographer: Lona Weddings
Photographer: Jenna McElroy
Bridal Attire: Gown – Carolina Herrera | Alterations/Veil – Sara Rothan | Shoes – Stewart Weitzman
Groom Attire: The Black Tux
Rings: VRAM
Hairstylist: Mane 3 Hair Studio
Make-up Artist: Kiss N’ Makeup
Florist: Stems
Decor/Rentals: Whim Tents, Austin Light Co, La Tavola Linen, Marquee Rentals, Loot, Table Manners
DJ/Band/Music: DJ – Dart Collective | Band – Manhattan Band | Ceremony music – Castle Strings Quartet, Austin Charter
Baker/Desserts: Simon Lee Bakery
Officiant: Tova Sido
Invitation Designer/Paper Goods: Pink Champagne


Joshua Lona