Embracing Love: Kirk and Warren’s Memorable Day at South Congress Hotel

In the bustling streets of Austin, the South Congress Hotel rises, exuding contemporary charm and elegance. This urban haven, known for its modern design and luxurious ambiance, became the epicenter of a profound celebration. It was here that Kirk and Warren chose to pledge their lives to one another, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones and the sophisticated charm that the hotel naturally offers.

Diving Deeper into the Venue’s Sophistication:

South Congress Hotel isn’t just a space; it’s an experience curated for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The hotel’s inviting courtyard serves as a sanctuary from the urban hustle, offering a blend of nature and design. Ascend higher, and the rooftop pool deck promises breathtaking views of downtown Austin, making it a picturesque spot for memorable events. Everywhere you turn, from the artful decor to the attentive service, the hotel resonates with a sense of upscale urbanity combined with intimate warmth.

A Day Marked by Passion and Purpose:

For Kirk and Warren, their wedding day was not merely a formality. It was a powerful statement of love, resilience, and acceptance. As prominent figures in the Austin LGBT community, their journey had been filled with challenges and triumphs. The vows they exchanged weren’t just words but reflections of their shared experiences, hopes, and dreams. Every sentiment, every tear shed, and every joyous applause spoke volumes of the love they shared and the journey they had embarked upon together.

In the heart of Austin, the South Congress Hotel provided more than just a venue; it offered a canvas upon which Kirk and Warren painted their love story. And as Lona Weddings chronicled each moment, emotion, and sentiment, their special day transformed into a timeless keepsake—a beautiful memory that would inspire countless others to celebrate love in all its forms.


Venue: South Congress Hotel
Videographer: Lona Weddings


Joshua Lona