Chapel Charms: Elise & Andre’s Austin Wedding Videography at Canyonwood Ridge

Dripping Springs, fondly dubbed the “Wedding Capital of Texas”, boasts picturesque landscapes, and nestled within its heart is Canyonwood Ridge. This breathtaking venue, offering a fusion of history and scenic beauty, played the perfect host for Elise and Andre’s special day. As the couple embarked on their new journey, Lona Weddings, known for its excellence as an Austin wedding videographer, was present at every pivotal moment, ensuring that all the emotions, the laughter, and the tears, were beautifully immortalized.

Melding Historical Beauty with Contemporary Videography:

Canyonwood Ridge, with its 19th-century chapels, stands as a testament to timeless love. Its historical charm, combined with its stunning surroundings, provided an unparalleled setting for this love story. Lona Weddings, showcasing their expertise in Austin wedding videography, embraced this beautiful juxtaposition. The result? A harmonious blend of the past and the present, captured in a cinematic masterpiece that’s both evocative and breathtaking.

A Tapestry of Tender Moments:

Every wedding has its special moments, and for Elise and Andre, it was the touching first look shared between Elise and her mother. This poignant interaction, filled with unspoken emotions and shared memories, added depth to their Austin wedding video. Beyond the grandeur and the celebrations, it’s these intimate moments that truly define a wedding, and Lona Weddings captured it with finesse.

The Lona Weddings Touch:

In the competitive realm of wedding videography, Lona Weddings has carved a niche for itself. Their signature touch is evident in how they chronicled Elise and Andre’s union. From the sunlit chapel to the evening’s festivities, every frame was a testament to the craftsmanship of one of Austin’s most revered wedding videographers.

Amidst the rolling hills and historic chapels of Canyonwood Ridge, Elise and Andre celebrated their love. Thanks to Lona Weddings, their story wasn’t just documented, it was transformed into an evocative narrative. If you dream of a wedding video that’s both poignant and cinematic, let’s embark on that journey together.


Coordinator: Heather Alloway
Ceremony Venue: Canyonwood Ridge
Videographer: Lona Weddings
Bridal Attire: Impression Bridal
Groom Attire: Stitch & Tie
Bridesmaid Attire: Jenny Yoo
Groomsmen Attire: Stitch & Tie
Rings: Helzberg Diamonds
HMUA: Sarah from Mission Stylehouse
Florist: Perrys Petals
Caterer: PEJ
Bartender: Royal Fig Catering
Dj/Band/Music: Brandon from Premier Entertainment
Baker/Desserts: Kristy’s Kraft Shop
Officiant: Texas Wedding Ministers
Invitation Designer/Paper Goods: Basic Invite


Joshua Lona