Celebrating Love: LGBTQIA+ Weddings Filmed with Heart and Respect

Love knows no boundaries, and in the world of wedding videography, there’s a special magic that comes to life when documenting the union of LGBTQIA+ couples. Each love story is unique, and each wedding is a celebration of authenticity, diversity, and the power of love. In this feature blog, we’re thrilled to highlight a collection of LGBTQIA+ weddings, all beautifully filmed to capture the essence of these love stories.

Experience the enchantment of Miranda and Fallon’s lesbian wedding at The Gardens of Cranesbury View in New Braunfels, Texas. Our wedding videography captures the magic of their outdoor celebration.

Join us in celebrating Jenna and Marisol’s beautiful lesbian wedding at the picturesque Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas. Discover how our expert wedding videography captured the love and artistry of their special day in this historic and LGBTQ+ friendly wedding venue

Journey through Kirk & Warren’s inspiring wedding at South Congress Hotel, Austin. A celebration of love, unity, and joy captured by Lona Weddings.

LGBTQIA+ weddings are a celebration of love in its purest form, and as a videographer, it’s an honor to document these moments of joy, acceptance, and empowerment. These films are not just videos; they are stories of love that inspire and resonate with viewers worldwide.

We hope you enjoy watching these beautiful love stories. Each one is a testament to the strength of love and the importance of embracing one’s true self. Love is love, and through these films, we celebrate the beautiful diversity of love in all its forms.


Joshua Lona