3 Must-Know Things Couples Need to Know Before Booking Barr Mansion in 2024

Barr Mansion is a historic farmhouse and event venue located in Austin, Texas. With beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, this venue provides a charming backdrop for weddings and other celebrations. Here are 3 key things couples should know about Barr Mansion:

Barr Mansion consists of a restored 1898 farmhouse, glass-enclosed ballroom, and expansive grounds and gardens nestled on 10 acres in southwest Austin. The versatile venue can accommodate both intimate gatherings and large parties.

Vintage Charm

Its rich history dates back over a century, as the farmhouse was originally built by the Barr family when they purchased the land in 1898. The property once contained a railroad station, churches, a school and post office for the community of Sprinkle.

Comprehensive Wedding Packages

The venue offers comprehensive wedding packages starting at $7,500. These packages include access to the ceremony and reception spaces, on-site coordination, tables/chairs and more. There are indoor and outdoor ceremony options.

Picturesque Scenery

With its vintage yet elegant charm, Barr Mansion provides a romantic backdrop for couples’ weddings and celebrations. The beautiful scenery is ideal for photo opportunities.

For couples seeking a historic and picturesque venue in Austin, Barr Mansion is certainly worth considering. Its rich history combined with gorgeous scenery and comprehensive wedding packages make it a top contender.


Joshua Lona