A Lakeside Surprise: Spicewood, Texas Engagement Film

Set against the scenic backdrop of Spicewood, Texas, a location renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and tranquil environments, Miranda took a monumental leap of love. Choosing this idyllic setting, she proposed to Fallon by the serene lakeside. As ripples from the lake mirrored their journey, the depth of their shared emotions was palpable. While onlookers might be captivated by the picturesque environment, for Miranda and Fallon, the world seemed to stand still. Luckily, our team of Austin wedding videographers was right there. They ensured that each touching moment, every tender gaze, and the raw emotions flowing through the air were recorded with utmost precision and authenticity.

Lakeside Serenity Meets Romantic Gesture: Spicewood’s Engagement Capture:

Deep in the heart of Spicewood lies a quaint AirBnB, a hidden gem that boasts an unparalleled connection to nature’s grandeur. This very venue played the perfect witness to Miranda’s meticulously planned and heartwarming surprise proposal. The film produced not only captures the visual beauty of the setting but also aptly mirrors the tranquility of the lake, interwoven with their blossoming love story. The intertwining of the gentle lake’s serenity with their poignant romantic gesture added layers of emotions to their engagement chronicle.

A Moment Frozen in Time: Through the Videographer’s Lens:

Every engagement has its unique essence, and for Miranda and Fallon, it was the genuine, unguarded surprise etched on Fallon’s face. This was swiftly followed by a surge of joy that seemed to flood the scene, resonating with everyone present. Our expert engagement videography team, equipped with a keen eye for detail, beautifully chronicled these moments. The video painted a picture that spoke volumes of pure, unadulterated love, making viewers feel as if they were right there, living the moment.

In Spicewood’s serene embrace, nestled amidst nature’s finest, Miranda and Fallon’s engagement narrative stands out, bearing testament to love’s profound depths. With the dedication and expertise of our Austin wedding videographers, their love story was not just captured, but sculpted exquisitely, transforming fleeting moments into eternal memories. For those on the brink of penning their own romantic chapters, we invite you to connect with us. Let’s collaborate and etch your unique tale in film, capturing every emotion, every glance, and every whispered word.


Videographer: Lona Weddings
Photographer: Parisa Mae Photography


Joshua Lona