A Joyous Celebration of Love: Margot and Jimmy’s Wedding at Austin Proper Hotel

In the heart of downtown Austin rests a beacon of modern luxury – Austin Proper Hotel. It found its vibrance amplified by the joyful celebration of love between Margot and Jimmy. Their wedding was a melange of laughter, love, and fun-filled moments, perfectly captured in our wedding highlight film.

“Simply Proper”: The Alluring Venue

An iconic part of Austin’s cityscape, the Austin Proper Hotel is a masterpiece of elegant design that added a sophisticated touch to Margot and Jimmy’s wedding. From the breathtaking rooftop pool area, offering stunning views of the Austin skyline, to the luxurious grand ballroom replete with tasteful decor, this venue proved to be the perfect canvas for their vibrant personalities.

Film Highlights: Reliving the Joy

Our wedding film expertly captures the spirit of Margot and Jimmy’s wedding day. Beginning with the couple’s preparations and laughter-filled moments to the joyous ceremony and reception afterward, the film eventfully unfolds their day.

Highlights include the heartfelt exchange of vows against the panoramic views, the couple’s first dance that lit up the entire ballroom, and the high-spirited guests celebrating till the wee hours. The film, awash with intense emotions and jubilant celebrations, encapsulates the essence of their joyous day.

Their Romance: A Beautiful Journey

Margot and Jimmy’s love story is a vibrant narrative brought to life on their wedding day. The film captures their evident chemistry, be it the soft glances exchanged during the ceremony, or the flurry of smiles on the dance floor. The couple, devoted and deeply in love, transformed their wedding ceremony into a reflection of their journey together.

A wedding is a tapestry of unforgettable moments; Margot and Jimmy’s wedding was a perfect example of this. Their wedding day, brimming with lively celebrations and affective moments, was a beautiful testament to their love story. The film beautifully captures the fun-filled ambiance of the day, making it a cherished keepsake for the couple, their families, and friends.


Venue: Austin Proper Hotel
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Joshua Lona