9 Romantic Ways to Capture Your Austin Wedding on Video

Austin is one of the most romantic cities in Texas, making it a dream location for couples planning their weddings. From scenic outdoor venues to historic downtown buildings, Austin provides a gorgeous backdrop for exchanging vows. When choosing a videographer to capture your special day, you’ll want someone who can highlight the beauty of Austin while filming your love story. Here are nine romantic videography ideas for weddings in Austin.

Capturing the Skyline

Austin’s skyline provides a distinctive urban backdrop that is sure to wow in your wedding video. As the sun sets behind the cityscape, steal a romantic moment with your new spouse with the twinkling lights of downtown behind you. This makes for an unforgettable shot for your highlight reel. For a cool perspective, shoot from across Lady Bird Lake as the skyscrapers tower in the distance.

Magic Hour at Outdoor Venues

Capture the magic of golden hour by filming at sunset at one of Austin’s gorgeous outdoor wedding venues. The soft, warm light will make your video look like a movie scene. Some venues with beautiful sunset views include Barr Mansion, Laguna Gloria, and The Allan House. Time your couple portraits during the magical lighting of dusk.

Vintage Film Look 

Give your wedding video a timeless, romantic feel with vintage film effects. Using filters and color grading, your videographer can mimic the look of old-school 8mm or 16mm film. This gives your video a classic, cinematic style. Try shooting some scenes in black and white or adding grain for an old Hollywood vibe. Vintage effects pair perfectly with historic Austin venues.

Romantic B-Roll

Set the mood with plenty of romantic B-roll footage. Capture moments like your hands intertwined, stolen glances at each other from across the altar, or your long wedding veil trailing behind you. Slow-motion shots of kissing, embracing, or walking hand-in-hand also add a sentimental touch.

Love Notes Close-Ups

Feature sweet moments reading your love letters to each other by getting close-up shots. Capture your reactions as you read the notes for the first time on your wedding day. This makes for a very intimate, emotional look into your relationship.

Wedding Photo Slideshow

Include a slideshow of your favorite wedding photos set to a romantic song. This recap at the end of your wedding video provides a nostalgic summary of the day. Be sure to include photos of your first look, the ceremony, and reception events.

Sun Flare Lens Effects

Add some cinematic lens flares when filming in natural sunlight. This creates striking beams of light across the frame. Use sparingly at poignant moments, like your first kiss at the altar or your first dance. Sun flares can add drama and romance when used properly.

Meaningful Locations

Feature spots around Austin that are meaningful to your love story. Did you get engaged at Mount Bonnell? Have your first date at a certain restaurant? Incorporate these landmarks into your wedding video for a personalized touch. Even a shot of the street where you first lived together connects back to your history.

Wedding Highlight Reel

Set your wedding highlight video to an upbeat pop song for an energetic, fun recap of the day. Include all the big moments like the processional, first look, vows, and reception events. This 3-5 minute highlight reel captures the spirit and excitement of your wedding day.

Your wedding in Austin provides amazing opportunities for romantic, cinematic videography. From skyline views to vintage effects, your videographer has endless options for crafting a video that uniquely tells your love story. Be sure to communicate your vision so you can reminisce on your magical day for years to come. With the right videographer, your wedding footage will evoke the romance of your special day in Austin for a lifetime.


Joshua Lona